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When building or remodeling a commercial facility or a residential home, the HVAC system design phase can be as critical as any. Taking the time to have Mechanical Engineering Plans (MEP) specifically created for your project, can avoid headaches that may occur when skipping this step.

Benefits of a correctly designed heating and cooling system include:

  • A properly sized system. Undersized systems overwork themselves and struggle to keep a space comfortable. An over-sized system runs inefficiently and can create humidity issues. When equipment is not sized properly it also threatens its manufacturers expected life span.
  • A distribution system that delivers the right amount of conditioned air to each room. Many contractors skimp on this part of the HVAC system, even if engineering begins with a Manual J calculation to determine heating and cooling loads, they often don’t use Manual D, T and S for duct work and appropriate sizing of a complete HVAC system.
  • Comfort and efficiency even on the hottest and coldest days of the year. Levco Mechanical Group’s engineering team performs detailed calculations and proper engineering to guarantee it.


  • Levco’s team includes an in-house mechanical engineer and our highly skilled technicians are overlooked by experienced crew captains and site supervisor’s, who get the job done on schedule, on budget, and correct the first time.
  • Our expertise from years of experience working with builders, architects, engineers, and home energy consultants in the design of high-performance homes and commercial facilities assures that any obstacle your project encounters can be overcome.
  • We include the V in HVAC – ventilation. If your new or remodeled home is as air-tight as energy codes now require, we’ll make sure you get the proper amount and type of ventilation, according to ASHRAE Standard 62.2.


  • The process starts by calculating just how much heating & cooling your home needs using Manual J.
  • Equipment Selection – Levco will choose the right equipment for your project using Manual S.
  • Distribution System Design – Levco will design the distribution system for your forced-air heating & cooling system to ensure each room is comfortable using Manuals D and Manual T.